Studio Sassi

Studio Sassi was founded in 1945 from doctor Francesco Montuoro (1905 – 1993). Today it is run from Chartered Accountants Adriano Sassi and Raffaella Corbetta and, in the years, it has been acquiring much experience in different tax and company law areas. Consequently, it has been builduing up new strategic alliances with remarkable professional studios, university lecturers and companies, in order to offer a more and more multidisciplinary advice.

Specifically, our Studio offers consultancy for: international tax and company law, in collaboration with Studio LAWP s.s.t.a., seated in Milan and Verona; consultancy for company valuations and extraordinary finance transactions in collaboration with Studio Associato PRO & CO based in Milan; consultancy for family business management and governance, with Professor Gianluca Lombardi Stocchetti – professor associated to Bocconi University in Milan; design and implementation for management control system in collaboration with PORINI S.R.L., a company based in Lomazzo – Como -, Gorgonzola – Milan – and Venice, and specialized in design and realization of different tools – BI, CRM, ERP, etc -, based on Microsoft Cloud platform.